Broncy what? Another battle.

On Monday one of the Neonatal nurses came to see us. She insisted that we go to see the GP, and if the receptionist didn’t give us an immediate appointment they were to speak to her! That is the passion that the Neo-natal team at Addenbrokes has.

A few hours later, we’re in A&E and fast-tracked through. By 8pm we’ve got a bed in the Paediatric ward and we have the diagnosis of broncholistis. Apparently quite common in newborns, but for some it can be fatal.

I was reassured that we were in the right place. This was only reinforced over a cup of tea in the waiting room with a dad who had to save his sons life (ie., CPR) when he stopped breathing, during ‘Strictly’, the previous Saturday night. A brilliant 999 team and cool parents saved this 3 month old life. All caused by the same virus. Thankfully all is now ok.

Little Annie proves again that she’s a little fighter and, now 5 days since her admission she looks brighter and stronger. Not quite ready for home yet, but more content and beautiful than ever!!

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