A poem from her Auntie Lucy

I am here for you when you need comfort

I am here for you when you need to cry

I am here for you when you need a cuddle

I am here for you when you’re screaming why

I don’t know why things happen, that just seem so unfair.

All we can do is pray together, and all our love we share.

We have so much to be thankful for, so from this take strength and hope.

To get through the hardest times in life, when we feel like we can’t cope.

We can ask God why it’s happening, we can throw our arms up in despair.

We may never get the answer, so for you we will just be there.

I would do anything to take your pain away, which I simply can’t bear to see.

As your little sister I adore you and you mean the world to me.

I will pray for strength, I’ll pray for hope and pray you get through this okay.

I’ll pray for a miracle, I’ll pray for peace and I’ll pray for your family every day.

I wrote that in July, and how things have changed since then.

We now have our wonderful Annie, I thank God again and again.

A miracle has happened, our dreams have all come true.

She’s as healthy as she can be, and she’s fought the whole way through.

The journey ahead will be ok, we are all in it together.

It is led by Annie the Wonder, who carries on whatever.

She’s an inspiration to us all, and you as parents are too.

Your love for her is never-ending and so is our love for you.


You have got a fighter, a warrior and an incredible princess.

She’s beautiful, adorable, and our lives she has truly blessed.

This little girl is so strong, she’s unique and she is safe.

I couldn’t love her anymore, our little Annie Faith.

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