‘Please tell him that the prayers will continue at full throttle’



The strapline above is the heart-warming response I received when my dad forwarded this email (below) to members of his church whom had been praying for us…..


“Dad – I hope this is ok…. I’m too tired to proof read!
x x x
Annie’s outlook is still “guarded”, but the cardiologists are much more positive about her outlook.  They had expected her to need drugs to keep alive – they have not been needed.   During pregnancy they expected to have had to operate within a couple of weeks – she’s now 3 weeks old, and the doctors are in no rush to operate.  From the scans just after birth they were worried about whether they’d even be able to operate,  however, the scans since have shown the blood vessels are of good size, and they can see a number of surgical options.  They were unsure we’d be able to take her home for months – she’s home now.  The Doctors were also concerned if there was a genetic condition that had caused these issues, which could cause future complications (e.g., if she had a half-missing chromosone) which are common in such conditions, however, yet again, Annie has defied the odds and the tests have confirmed no abnormalities.  She’s putting on weight slowly.  She’s keeping her mum up all night…. but what a lovely problem to have!  
Looking forward she will definitely need a number of surgeries.   Her condition is the most complicated version of “Pulmonary atresia with VSD” (see attached document from the British Heart Foundation).  In 6-8 weeks she might get breathless as too much oxygen goes to her lungs.  The expert cardiologist from Great Ormond Street is examining her every two weeks to keep a close eye on her.  We’re just taking each appointment and check-up as it comes.  We’re hoping she can get bigger before surgery, but we’ll be ready for it whenever it’s needed. 
 If this isn’t proof of the power of prayer I don’t what is!!!!   Thank you all for every prayer you’ve made – you can see what a difference it’s made”.

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