We’re back…

Back again (mid-pandemic)

It’s the end of the day and Annie’s smiling and proudly showing us her plaster, whilst mum and dad are emotionally drained again. Today was supposed to be the eve of her second open-heart surgery but it hasn’t worked out that way.

After dropping off Leo and Dom with their “Gramps” and “Nana” we travelled to London this morning for pre-op checks. Boy does it feel weird to be without our boys!! Luckily for us they are very close to their grandparents and they were very excited about the adventure of staying in a different house without us.

Meanwhile, in London we were pleased, as Charlotte was giving the relevant disclaimers/authorisations, to learn that we’ll be having the same surgeon as her first major op – affectionately known by all as “MK”. Charlotte knows many of the nurses by name now too and they always seem to greet us with warm reassuring smiles.


Less than a mile away from home, about 4.55pm, we were called by the ward. They asked where we were. In Annie’s blood samples they’ve found some “antibodies”. We’re not sure what that means except they need more “bloods”. She’ll call us again shortly.

10 minutes later the phone goes again. They’ve consulted the Registrar and there will be more “bloods” tomorrow, an overnight stay, then surgery on Wednesday.

Things could be a LOT worse but such delays play havoc with parental emotions!

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