A lucky Friday 13th

This Friday it was fabulous to celebrate Annie’s second birthday! Lockdown, miserable weather, or even a scrape on ‘daddy watch’ (see her forehead) couldn’t put a dampener on it.

The day was topped off by a letter from her cardiologist which said; (i) “she’s the best she’s ever been” and “not breathless” now at all, plus (ii) they don’t need to see her for four months! I’m pretty sure we haven’t been 4 weeks without a hospital trip since well before she was born. Thank God. To say our prayers have been answered is an understatement. This day, many a time, seemed as it would not arrive.

Annie enjoying the waves near Cromer (Norfolk)

It’s fun to see how the dynamic between the three of them is evolving; sometimes they giggle, or use that uncanny ability to wind each other up… or other times they just run riot! Anyway we are very blessed to have this trio.

Bath time with the Martin’s

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