Our 20 week scan

We were so excited to be going into the Rosie wing of Addenbrookes hospital in Cambridge.  We laugh with the sonographer about how much of a wriggler this baby is, and she tells us to go for a walk as she can’t see everything she needs to.

As time ticks by I say to Charlotte that I might head off to London to the office, and as I walk out of the building call my PA to get the meetings re-arranged so I can do them by phone.  That gives me an extra 1 hour and half.

I’ve got a spring in my step looking forward to surprising my wife as I walk back in.

I catch a glimpse of the sonographers face – it’s white.

Charlotte tells me we’ve got to go upstairs?!   My stomach turns over.   We got upstairs and the team tell us that we need to go to Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).  Oh my.


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