A few weeks later


I get a call from Charlotte; “It’s got worse”.

The diagnosis is worse…. how is that even possible?

The cardiologist visiting Addenbrookes hospital from GOSH has discovered, “collateral arteries”.   At the time we didn’t understand what that meant.  This was the only scan I didn’t attend with Charlotte, and I regret it still.  She had to hear that by herself?!?

They talk to us about the risk of further complications as this heart condition is more commonly associated with Down’s syndrome, Di George syndrome and other such conditions.  It’s a lot to take in.

Tears pour out of us.

I get angry with my dad on the phone as he’s my outlet…  the only outlet I audibly let my anger free. Thank God for our two boys at home to distract us.

In the midst of our baby journey, my work announces that fathers will now be entitled to 6 weeks fully paid paternity leave!    That’s an extra 4 weeks which is simply incredible.  I cried with happiness.

Raw emotion everywhere.

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