Induction date


It’s 1pm and we are just about to leave the house to travel to the hospital.  “Nanna” arrives to look after our 2 year old, with a guest.  Into our house she’s brought an 80 year old lady who was sitting on our outside step and was cold waiting for her doctors appointment.   She sits in the lounge and our two year old sits on her lap and brings her a book.   A small bit of kindness is infectious.

It’s 5pm in he Rosie hospital and not much is happening.  We decide to walk 2 miles to a restaurant to grab something to eat.   I drink two pints of delicious beer inside 30 minutes – nervous, excited and anxious in equal measure. Those were the best tasting two pints I have ever drank.

A family friend is the midwife and makes us as comfortable as possible for the night.   I catch a few hours sleep (evidence above!) and Charlotte watches seven episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.

A specialist incubator is set up in the corner of the room, and the oxygen flow is checked.  A path for an emergency whisk away is readied.  This is getting serious.

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