Our little girl is born


Water’s broken at 6.30am, and our little baby girl is born at 9.30am.  Charlotte was heroic.  We have a lot of people in the room, knowing that there are real risks as soon as she meets this world.   They all seem smiling and happy though and Charlotte gets to hold her baby on her chest.

I follow our little girl into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).  She’s given drugs to keep heart valves open and keep blood flowing around her body.  She appears stable in her incubator and the doctors and nurses appear relatively relaxed.  Phew.

I sit and watch as a brilliant cardiologist scans our baby.  I listen for a few minutes but I hear that all is not as it should be, and decide I can’t listen to that.  I walk back through to see Charlotte and check she’s doing ok.   A true warrior, she barely looks like she’s given birth!

Our excellent cardiologist comes back and debriefs us after the scan.   I do not understand all the terminology or what he’s telling us.

However, my jaw dropped as he said they might not even be able to do anything for her.   He only says because of my questions, and he sees my wife’s eyes filling up.  I stop my questions, and he motions for us to go and enjoy our baby.

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