A different Christmas

Well it’s been a bit of different Christmas this year.

We’ve worried about Annie being sick a lot, particularly as it’s so important she puts on weight to be ready for surgery. Every time she’s sick, which is a few times a day, we worry! I’m lying in bed right now listening to her cough and hoping it’s not going to precede a “Vom” as Charlotte puts it….

… this posting has just had a 30 minute interlude whilst I’ve sorted out the latest sickness incident…

… anyhow I’m trying to focus on the positives, and here are some of them:

1. I don’t normally watch the Queen’s speech but I did this year. She said, ‘We would not grieve if we did not love.’ Every time I hurt for Annie, it’s because I love her. I’m so lucky to know this feeling!

2. I’m lucky beyond my wildest dreams to have three children to worry about! All our three children have been born via IVF and when you’ve come ‘face to face’ with not being a parent the fact that I’m now one three times over is an absolute miracle.

3. These long evenings lying next to Annie give me lots of time to reflect and think about life. I’ve made myself a little promise about a little gift I’m going to organise for some children… because at Christmas time I’m reminded being able to give and make children smile is a wonderful ability we all have … and I plan to do it a lot more!!

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