Opera singer

“She won’t be an opera singer… but that won’t stop her doing all the other wonderful things she’ll do with her life”.   So said Annie’s cardiologist at our latest appointment.  

We’ve got to know many of the staff now, after months of regular visits, and I can’t tell you how much it means to be treated warmly with heartfelt smiles.  From the moment the radiographer met us in the corridor, to the laughs in the meeting room… every smile means something.

During Annie’s recovery at GOSH her cry was soft, but clearly not normal – it sounded more like a rough smokers cough.  Consequently she was referred to a ENT (Ears, Nose & Throat) consultant.  It appears that because of her heart surgery one of her vocal chords isn’t working.  Apparently the nerves in one of the vocal chords is connected to the heart.   Now my physiological explanation is probably horribly wrong and laced with naivety, but nevertheless that’s my takeaway!  

A symptom, for example, is that she can’t swallow water and there may be some speech issues.  Hence, the comment about not being an opera singer!   Again, the comment was said with such a lovely and longing smile I’ll always remember it fondly.  I do feel for doctors and all medical staff delivering ‘bad’ news, as it must be hard to choose the right words.  Well, the words they used this time…. ‘struck a chord’.    Apologies for the woeful pun.  We’ll be seeing those experts soon.

We could worry about this latest issue or dwell on it.  Or we can choose to count our blessings and treat it as another hurdle and challenge.  It WILL be overcome by our Annie, this family through God’s grace.   I just don’t doubt it for a second.

Our Annie continues to delight us everyday.  We’re fortunate as, in theory, she should have difficulty swallowing food.   However… you watch her eat her dinner!   And I’d suggest doing it from a distance as food flies everywhere.  She’s growing and growing each day.  Probably a bit behind in some of the development milestones apparently… but who cares!!   At 6.5kg she’s on the 5-10th percentile, which we so thankful for.

In a race, coming from behind, with a headwind/hurdle, has always been my favourite position.   Watch out world, this girl is coming!!!  



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