What has belt notches got to do with anything?

As things have started to settle and return to some normality, I’ve had chance to look in the mirror… like really look.

I’ve looked at photos from two years ago and compare the considerably less hair that I have and see it’s notably greyer (or silver perhaps I should say!) today.   I felt my trousers feeling a bit tighter as I know, despite doing reasonable exercise, I’ve adopted some unhealthy eating habits.  

As a first step I booked myself in for a BUPA healthcheck and …. gulp… weight up, cholesterol up, waist larger.   When the GP looked through the results, he paused, shifted his glasses down his nose, peered above the rim, and said, “… this is significant”.   I knew I needed a wake up call, but this shocked me!    I think the gain was 8cm around the waist in 18 months.  I felt embarrassed and ashamed.  Not words I used lightly. It hurt. 

After 6 weeks of help from Charlotte I’ve lost a stone by simply eating better.   No bacon sandwiches, salads for lunch, and no indulgent treats.   Nothing complicated, but it wasn’t easy either. I’ve kept going at c50 minutes exercise, four times a week, sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less. Now over two months on I’m even on the lowest belt notch on a very old brown belt now!  (See picture above). Arguably the thinnest I’ve been for years.

The bottom line; stress definitely impacted me physiologically.  Despite priding myself on my resilience in years gone by, I know I’ve needed help and a jolt this time to make changes.

I have been able to see and measure some of the visible impacts of stress.  I’m sure there have been other less visible impacts too.  

I look at my little Annie, nine months old, and think if my little girl can come through this so strongly, and be better than ever, with a smile that melts our heart… then I will follow her example! Not only is she cute, but she’s my inspiration and #role_model.


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