Love and laughter in La Manga

We’re currently on our first family holiday in about 12 months!!  It’s the most “normal” we’ve been for a long time… and we loved feeling like a right little crew of five… particularly swimming in the pool!

We’ve had usual family challenges of getting three children through dinner at a restaurant without covering the floor in food or breaking things!   So far, six dinners down and only one glass and one plate smashed.  With a five, three and nine month old is that good going?  

Annie still can’t drink water, but has no problem swallowing anything else!   It certainly feels like she’s making up for lost time in the food stakes.   Go girl!

On the downside, we’re pretty sure something is wrong with her vocal chord(s).  Linked to the difficulty swallowing water, sometimes husky sounding breathing and occasional breathlessness, these are some of the symptoms of paralysis of one of the chords.  Now, we’re far from experts, but know enough that it’s not right.  Onto the next appointment at ENT (Ears, Nose and Throat), Addenbrokes in early September to find out more and a proper medical diagnosis.

I’m not sure whether my approach is a sensible one.  For the first time today I researched the condition, even though we’ve known about the possibility since a week after surgery. Burying my head in the sand, or living for the moment? I don’t really care for a label – it’s worked for me.

I’ve been keen to just enjoy ourselves  in the ‘here and now’ rather than worry about what might be coming over future months.  It’s felt good, and a mindset I’ll try to hold onto.  I’ve not thought about the next heart surgery.   Yet, next week Charlotte will be back at GOSH for the next round of scans.  Much as we’ve been pretty good at ‘living in the moment’, the upcoming hospital visits do play on your mind. 

Holiday high:  Jumping into the swimming pool holding Leo and Doms hands pretending to be pirates walking the plank – and repeating, and repeating, and repeating…

Holiday low:  Getting up at 2.20am to drive to he airport.  Unbelievably we didn’t have any meltdowns from the kids… the low is because it knackered me!!  


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